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09-02-2010, 09:33 PM
Awesome job ninja, I have seen a lot of new faces in ground pvp lately, dont space much so not sure what it is like there with new people or not. For my next statement let me preface it with this is not meant to be eletist at all but here goes....for new people trying out ground pvp know that the klingon fleet CHC pretty much is always in ground and we have gotten really good at it, so when you do ground please do not get discouraged if you lose. We didnt start out being good, for god's sake I was terrible when I started, but we kept playing together and kept challenging ourselves and talking to people that were beating us to learn what they were doing. Long story short dont give up, just send a tell to the person that just beat you and find out what they did, a lot of the "you are exploiting/hacking" is often just from not understanding the game mechanics and the different powers each class kit has. Also use the challenge system to 1 v 1 or do team matches with other people just starting into ground pvp to get better and learn. Would suggest FvF but you can also run into some premades there that might make ya feel bad when ya first start out too