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09-03-2010, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by D-Rek View Post

everyone got extremely ****ed when Klingon BoP sci used VM+SNB in season 1 to effectively "log someone out". in other words render a player unable to do anything or play for an extended period.
ah shush you reminded me of the days i had fun in the kerrat system annoying feds
my friend & i used to hit kerrat & royal **** feddies off
i would carry one VM he took 2 if they broke either mine or his it would follow up with a 2nd ^^
pummled with CRF THY & just as a slap in the face ramming speed from a bop on a starcruiser .

gotta admit it was dang annoying if i got that but hey i didnt whine i took it like a man ^^ it was all fun.
Again why they nerf VM .. oh yer i remember whiney little feds