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09-03-2010, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by Cormoran View Post
I'm wondering if we can have the c-store costume purchases include the option for off-duty wear aswell as the current uniforms.

Failing that, can we get some off duty costume slot purchases added to the c-store?
/Signed. I have lots of empty "Uniform Slots", but I only have the one "Off Duty" Slot. I need to be able to use the extra slots I purchsed for either OD or Unis. I didn't mind using my one OD Slot for a "Formal" suit too much, but I would like to have a robe outfit too. And when Merc outfits come out, aren't they also going to be OD? I don't want to lose my suit just to get the Merc! I want to have them be both.

I guess I can understand there are design reasons as to why some costume parts can't fit with other costume parts, or why we can't mix'n'match between OD/Uniform clothing, but I don't understand why the *slots* themselves are thusly limited to Either/Or.

Please fix this.