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09-03-2010, 10:18 AM
I just finished the first Cold Call mission on Elite skill ( as Science Captain 8), so here's my take:

As mentioned before the freeze-weapons from the Breen are a little overpowered, as I had to respawn on the ground about 5 times. If you play this mission on Elite be sure to bring lots of regenerators and healing shots, and a few ship components. My ship blew up one time, too, from a single massive beam and torpedo barrage from one of the bigger Breen battleships.

For combatting the Breen on the ground I couldn't find any valid freeze-resist abilities or equipment, so I had to keep my BOs spread-out and constantly keep my distance from the freeze-grenades. I had to use every Sci-ability in the bag. I relied heavily on nano-probe infestation, mind-meld (I'm a Vulcan), neural neutralizer (so they wouldn't target me) and Tachyon Beam to carry me through. The Breen seemed highly susceptiable to Tachyon Beam on the ground, at least for knocking them over.

Overall the Breen are probably the toughest race to fight on Elite next to the Hirogens (I haven't fought the Borg, yet).