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09-03-2010, 12:07 PM
First, ground combat is a little unbalanced right now (some would call that an understatement) and I, for one, hope the across the board nerf is slight (some places are just stupid, though) and would rather see a little weight added to the player side rather than a nerf to the npc side.

Anyway, a few things that work for me:

1. A superior expose buff trait makes a BO worth their weight in latinum, especially on a science BO with AoE exposes.

2. A team exploit buff trait is not a bad idea.

3. I see two ground weapons being the top of the list, the compression bolt pistol and the multi-targeting heavy weapons. The compression bolt pistol is nice because the cooldown on the exploit is so short you can switch between two even when targets aren't exposed and not feel bad about using the higher dps attack. If you get your BOs landing AoE exposes then two compression bolt pistols will get you two exploits, but the multi-beam will get more. But, I hate the feeling that I don't want to fire off the higher damage attack because I might miss an expose waiting for the lengthy cooldown.

4. Don't be afraid to put somebody on passive mode to heal.

5. I've never made a tank BO, but I would guess that a Klingon (honorable trait) or an alien with some damage reduction traits would work as a tac with Draw Fire and a weapon with high damage on a cone as an attention grabber. Both hyposprays provide some pretty serious damage resistance but I haven't a clue what stacks. I would put leg sweep on a specialized tank like that, heck, maybe even two. Reroute power to shields says it adds an expose chance to attackers, maybe put that on once the aggro has been grabbed. Man, I'm talking myself into this, maybe I'll try it tonight...