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09-03-2010, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
This has been heard loud and clear and Jack and I have been in some discussions this week where we continue to work on the deal that items in the C-Store need to be available for in game currency. (he and I both agree about big functional items being available for some type of in-game exchange)

The Excelsior was a half-step and now we need to put both feet in. I'm hoping the Nebula can be in game as well as in store. The in game way to get it might not be cake - but at least it will be something.
So... now you're committing to upholding those promises you didn't feel beholden to? I'll believe this when it happens.

Originally Posted by SteelPaladin
So you'd reward the company that provided you bugged and annoying content by paying them to avoid said content...

Sounds more like a protection racket than a game.
Especially since you'd just be paying more so you can use it sooner in the buggy and annoying content you supposedly wanted to avoid...