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Originally Posted by Loekii View Post
Here, here.

I especially want to hear about the absorption of non-Klingon into their fleet.

I think the 'civil' unrest in the federation is more parallel to the unrest seen in say the US congress, etc -- there are differences, but nothing to the point of civil unrest, war, secession, etc. I certainly do hope that the smaller 'Missions/Quests/Story lines' do show some of the 'dirt and grim' with in Federation Politics, etc.

As for the other Big Players, it is strange how 'quiet' the stories appear. I think there should be some mention in each update, as to remind us they have not disappeared off the star map.
Well,the Maquis left the Federation and even engaged Starfleet in some skirmishes, plus we have Section 31 which never had a problem with breaking ,,human's right''. I too hope that Cryptic integrates them in some form or the other in the game.
As for the non-Klingon races, joining the Empire doesn't surprise me as they are quite violent but what I'm curios about is the hierarchy in giving commands. I can see a Klingon allied with a Gorn but taking orders from him would be kind of weird. Plus,the Orion definitely don't have the sense of honor that defines the Klingons.