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Originally Posted by Kirov View Post
First of all,how come the Federation is virtually the only power which doesn't have civil unrest? To be honest the idea of the Federation always being perfect has slightly ruined Star Trek for me...
Secondly, what's happening with the Dominion,Borg,Species 8472...these powers are way too aggressive to have stayed quiet for so long...
Other than these 2 minor observations,I like how the timeline is coming though, keep up the good work
Could it just be that the Federation citizens are content with what's going on in their space? That said, the Klingons also don't have civil unrest. Civil unrest would mean the public taking up arms, making protests or causing disturbances. None of that was stated to have happened in the Klingon Empire, only the restless uprising of Council hardliners. For that matter, neither do the Cardassians. Emergence of a religious sect which is looked upon unfavourably by an existing sect does not in itself constitute 'civil unrest'. If, however, your broad definition of civil unrest includes all these, then you could also count the furor over the mobile emitter as 'civil unrest'.

As for the other powers, have you noticed they're all in places far far away, The Borg and Species 8472 being in the Delta Quadrant (arguably) and the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant? I would think that the Borg, having been dealt a serious setback in the destruction of their transwarp hub as well as Unimatrix One, will have to regroup and rebuild before they can expand into the Alpha Quadrant. Species 8472, live in fluidic space and with the nano-torpedoes Janeway developed, would be hesitant to invade the Alpha Quadrant. They were never that aggressive to begin with, only attacking when provoked by the Borg. The Dominion surrendered to the Federation although much of their military might was retained. I wouldn't think the Federation would look too kindly on them sending many ships through the wormhole. In any case, I always thought it was the Cardassians egging them on that led the Dominion to invade.

I think this was a great article. An excellent job giving the highlights of the major Alpha Quadrant powers,

P.S. Should it be 'capitol' or 'capital' in the first sentence of the second paragraph? I'd always thought riots were carried out on the streets of cities, in which case capital would apply. If it's capitol, it would imply that the rioting was confined to the Senate buildings.