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09-03-2010, 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by Starseeker13
I don't agree with the way the c-store has gone, they might as well make this a free to play game

1. Extra BO slots used to be available by level - they removed these to add them to c-store

2. New ships used to be available for in-game currency - ever since they made a killing by the galaxy appearing in c-store they have abused this by charging cryptic points for every new alternative ship ( these are items that affect gameplay )

3. What's next ???

This is greatly reducing the number of players renewing subscriptions along with the game being underdeveloped.

The way cryptic are going they will only have LTS players left which i'm sure they can't survive on.
1.) Extra BO Slots are still available by level. They didn't remove those, just added MORE if the 10 that you get wasn't enough.

2.) New ships are still available via in-game currency. The Tactical Refit, the Cruiser Refit, the Interpid (science) refit are all available for 300 Emblems at VA. Excelsior T3 is purchaseable with energy credits are Commander Rank. The Nebula will likely (though its not confirmed yet) also be purchasable with Emblems or some such. I think they are still running the 5 friend referral for the Galaxy X as well.