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09-03-2010, 07:19 PM
Originally Posted by artika1 View Post
Best call your ISP
Ahem, you think that's not been done since this started about oh, 29th of last month when a certain STO patch came out and after that this mess is still unresolved?

I cleared every port STO uses and can use, a rather nasty security risk, but I've already dumped cash into this game, a lot of it, and I still hang around because I believe in this game despite the lack of support beyond Level-1 out-of-manual crud.

When I ask for support, I don't expect answers out of a 3-inch-thick binder that everyone gets told, what happens when my first incident report contains the words "ALREADY ATTEMPTED ISP RESOLUTION" and they still tell me to talk to *MY* ISP, eh?

These are level-1 idiots, seems...Starting to become a game of who can reach a Level-2 first with foul language and threats because that's the only way the level-2's at Cryptic even notice it now ...