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09-04-2010, 05:47 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
On further review, I think the reward is a Telaxian Bridge Officer.

There's all this talk about the Preservers and their star charts. That would suggest we're in a hunt for something the Preservers left behind.

The Preservers would have either preserved a believed to be extinct race (like the Avian Xindi) or relocated a segment of a race a good distance from home (and we know there's been work done on Telaxian art assets because the hair slipped in around 2.0)...

I feel real bad to tell you guys this, but that "Avian Zindi" skull is from a Giraffe...

I guess I have missed a few episodes... I'm assuming of Enterprise with the Zindi.

I'd think the Trek guys would have come up with something a bit more believable like a recast Terror Bird skull:

A Giraffe? No wonder we don't have a current Trek.

Nice that we have these new episodes, I had a lot of fun doing the 1rst one.