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09-04-2010, 06:05 AM
Originally Posted by Computer.Ed
For the love of god Cryptic, DO NOT DO IT! When you take a special item like this that has to be earned, putting it in the C-Store diminishes the item and is a disservice to thsoe of us that did it the hard way. To put them in the C-Store means they are no longer Special Series Rwards, they are just C-Store product and means that future series reward are diminished in turn before they release because we know they will be buyable as well.

Sometimes it is okay to make a player EARN something in game and give them no other way to have it. Please do not dimish the great thing you have going now by making part of it buyable.
You don't seem to understand about the uber reward. It will NOT be earnable when the next series of episodes start. The reward is for playing all the weekly episodes before the next story arc comes out.

I don't actually mind if they add these time based rewards to the C Store at a later date. I picked up both the Borg Tribble and the Undine Tribble, and I got them for free. If someone wants to pay to get them - let them. Paying for the items is just another way of 'earning' rewards. These sort of rewards are not earned by skill, but instead when you log on. These people will still probably invest the same amount of time as you into playing the weekly episodes. Having to pay for rewards should be punishment enough.