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Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
The missions will always be there and they will always give a standard Featured Episode unique reward.

However - if you play the episodes live during the series and complete the last episode before the next series starts, we added on an additional Special Reward to the end of the last mission in the series. So that's 2 rewards for the last mission if completed before the next series starts.

So to sum up. Mission always there. Always gives 1 unique reward. Complete all Featured Episodes before next series starts and get a Special Reward that is limited edition.
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
/agree- that is why I want to revive the Episode Replay feature soon!
Special one time rewards give a causal and power leveler the same satisfaction .
Im glad to have a fair chance at something exceptional for participating in Team play and not feel the need to camp a mission in the attempt to improve my lottery chance at a Very nice reward.

One on the issues I see in this system compared to the Champions Cosmic one. You team for a mission and you want a equal reward. Need or Greed..
So many times with PUGS you end up in a situation where their "need" is really a "Greed" and the next thing you see them at the Exchange selling the item.

To bring Fleet members along to replay missions you enjoyed and received rewards for is the best balance.
Its much easier to control then you trying to program against players Gold Farming key Episodes rich with desired drops.

Keeping things friendly and accessible are core values to improve the fun and encourage social play.
I'd say to Add to the TEAM aspect you may wish to look at TEAM only rewards via Devices gained only for team play and ideally Fleet key items.. In effect A Mission Team loot option.
A a Reward Chit to boost Crafting..
Possibly a PC Crafting skill tree based off Skill points for Ship and Ground points spent as extra bonus to enguage more people to use that system.