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09-04-2010, 06:12 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
The missions will always be there and they will always give a standard Featured Episode unique reward.

However - if you play the episodes live during the series and complete the last episode before the next series starts, we added on an additional Special Reward to the end of the last mission in the series. So that's 2 rewards for the last mission if completed before the next series starts.

So to sum up. Mission always there. Always gives 1 unique reward. Complete all Featured Episodes before next series starts and get a Special Reward that is limited edition.
Incidentally, dstahl, I think a big part of the point of the special reward is to make people want to stay active and keep subscribing, to feel like they shouldn't wait to come back later.

For that reason, the special reward falls flat if it can be obtained another way. I think you need to be firm and say, "This is something you only get for sticking with us and staying active."

If you do add it later, the price needs to be more than a month's subscription fee or everyone would come out ahead to just quit the game for the next six months and come back, buying up the special weekly rewards.

For the reward to serve its purpose and make people feel like they can't quit or take time off, like they're missing out by waiting until the next season or the next patch, it has to be unique.

At best, I think you could simply offer a less special version later but it really fails as an incentive if someone can quit the game for six months, blow $10 on weekly rewards and pick up without missing a beat.