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# 1 BOs in Store?
09-04-2010, 06:15 AM
OK. I'm getting fed up with the naked abject greed of people in the Exchange. I would rather spend real money getting something I want from the store than paying millions of in game credits for it. The time value is simply not there for me given I'm a very busy person in RL with a wife and kids and two companies I own. Moreover I have lots of disposal money to burn on things that fit my fancy such as STO. Shoot I have purchased everything in the store already to support you folks.

Consequently, I was wondering if since you folks are dead set on stocking the Store with lots of items that cant be earned in game as promised (yet) how about stocking it with something that can be earned in game such as BOs?

I was think you could have people select a race at the same price of a toon race, select its gender and then charge say 100 points for each level of rarity. It is a win/win for you and for the players. Hell it might even have the effect of lowering the astronomical prices of BOs in the exchange too boot!

I would really rather not buy credits from nefarious third parties if you know what I mean but I'm really getting frustrated not being able to get the bridge crew I want to RP.