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09-04-2010, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
I would say the vast majority of the players in this game do not find the ground game enjoyable.

Kudos to those who like it,...but I have not really enjoyed it since closed beta. Just not very interesting.
what i don't get is this-
the end-game pve progression content (STF's) consist of a good portion of ground combat.
UFP has a large number of good-size (let's say 50+members) fleets, and a good number of fleets whose primary focus is end-game content (STF's).
but, there seem to be little to no Fed ground pvp premades.

i've enjoyed ground pvp since open beta, and i can tell you over the past month and a half i've seen a lot of new people from the UFP interested in ground pvp.

the reworks to the Q system and the private matches provide a great foundation for PvP in STO, just not a lot of people are utilizing them yet. there are so many great social functions and tools built into this game, and a lot of really friendly, helpful people....
the transition of a fed pve fleet to a premade pvp group of considerable strength should take around 4 hrs.
yeah ground pvp has it's flaws, but it's not as horrible as most people think, it's just a different playstyle than most people are use to.
it's fast-paced, viceral, and very exciting.
if mowing down waves of Borg and Undine gets your adrenaline going, you'll probably find ground pvp to be a far superior challenge with a far superior reward.