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09-04-2010, 01:53 PM
Yes, losing a game should have a penalty in terms of rewards. The daily PvP mission should only include "3x win" instead of "3x play".
The generel rewards like Merits, Credits, Skillpoints should also be decreased for the losing team.

Otherwise there are too many "who cares anyways" players. They get their Emblems, they get their rewards - so why they should even bother with it? They spend their time idling on the PvP maps, watching TV, having some lunch, read some magazines or what else. If you have a couple of those guys on your team and you are an interested PvP player - it just gets frustrating. Every player of those "I don't give a ****- give me my Emblems!" type significantly weakens your own team - especially when fighting against a team which consists of interested PvP'ers only.

Cryptic, please do something here. It would be one of the first steps to show some love for PvP interested people.