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09-04-2010, 03:10 PM
Yeah, my ship, the Durandal, while technically being a cross of the Prometheus and Hephaestus, is mostly Hephaestus class for the purposes of this exercise. Like I said, comparing them in the ship builder in STO, the Prometheus is a little longer, but the Hephaestus is definitely a little taller, so it'll probably have a couple decks more. We also got a more-or-less actual cutout of a runabout to stick in the shuttlebay (with an assumption there's enough room for four), so that's helping with the scale a little too.

I've downloaded over a dozen mega-sized MSDs I've found on the web (like 2000-8000 pixels wide). Some are official (Voyager, Prometheus), some aren't (Titan, Akira-class), but they seem to be pretty consistent. Like I said before, one o the big things is figuring out what all the little symbols mean (It took us a while to find out what we thought were the life support systems were actually the computer cores, ha ha).

I think I might try to use my limited Photoshopping abilities to whip up a dedication plaque, too. Wish I knew who designed the Hephaestus model from Cryptic.