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09-04-2010, 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by The_MadTom View Post
It should be started in Kelvani Belt after finishing the first part, however it didn't activate for me when I was going there the last time (with my 4th character), so it might be it is not always available. Not sure I can explain it much better.

Agree it is not easy, however, the last group didn't manage to kill any of my team on all of my four characters (playing on normal).

Also, I was first telling my team to target the boss (since my team at least has one stun gun) the boss didn't manage to make a few good shots at us.
Agreed, that is what I did the first time and was lucky and got some crits on him. The 2nd time I was on my captain and not my admiral and almost wiped out.

However, they have adjusted it to where we get Emblems and the fix to prevent chain freezes is in. It seems to have done the trip. The cryo gun is still a formidable weapon, it will still hand you your but on a frozen silver platter but you can at least dig yourself out of a bad situation.

I would like to thank the devs for putting the emblem reward but the recent fixes.