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09-04-2010, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by momiji View Post
Hey, if you want me to do you a dedication plaque, I have a template, here's my Fleet dedication plaque album.

Can do a 2D representation or the 3D ones you see there. It's based off the dedication plaque seen on the USS Relativity, but more akin to the classic style too, somewhere in between. If you want one done, just ask, everything in it is customisable of course.
Whoa, that's cool! Sure! I still need to iron out some details for stuff that'd go on there (the exact launch date and construction location, mostly).

Originally Posted by B.Donaldson
I made a Master Systems Display for my STO ingame ship. you can see it on my Ship's profile page in my fleet's wiki here.....
Very nice! Very comprehensive, too.

Which reminds me, I still need to figure out what sort of technical specs I wanna write out for this. Right now, I've got the obvious ones: name, registry, length, decks, crew and officer compliment, cruising and max speed, armaments, and defensive systems. Anything else you think I should add?