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# 1 A Matter of Major Concerns
09-04-2010, 08:36 PM
This is about the purchase of the refit ships. As I understand from the description, it states as follows:

"Purchasing the ship from the C-Store unlocks it for all Vice Admiral characters on the account." - extracted from C-Store info.

My interpretation of the above statement suggests that this will be account-wide. However, what I do not understand is why is this not the case?

My Tactical VA toon originally got the Defiant Refit from promoting to VA. And I decide to purchase the Galaxy Refit to give it a try, so I spent CP on purchasing it.

Now, I log on to my Science VA, and I find that if I want to use the Galaxy Refit, I need to purchase it again? Now if this is meant to be account-wide after purchase, then this is broken and not working as intended.

This is a very upsetting development. I would like a Dev to address the following concerns:

1) Are the Retrofitted ships purchases Account-wide as stated?

2) Or are they only for the individual VA characters?

3) Is this only for Emblem purchases or that it includes CP purchases as well?

I'm not sure how many players have the same issues, but I, for one, am definitely not happy about it and would like to have some clarity.