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09-04-2010, 08:49 PM
While this is good in theory, when similar efforts have been tried in other PvE centric games (which STO is), it invariably has resulted in much fewer people playing PvP. In some cases, to the point where devs see the low PvP numbers as an excuse to ignore all forms of PvP development, including balance. It would definitely make it harder to get in to PvP maps within a decent amount of time.

I would like there to be consequences for PvP, but I doubt a reasonable solution can be reached without some form of Sector PvP. This would have to include territory controls, resource ownership, and all the other things that come with such a thing. Since STO is very far from having a framework (client or server) that support this kind of game play, I am highly dubious that it would ever occur. If it does occur, I do not think it will be for a very long time.