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09-04-2010, 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by OmegaVG
No, the ground game is not horrible, you are. I know that because you give 0 specifics, so i can only assume you've been spawn camped and said lolthissucks.

And, much like cake, kvk is rumored to exist but it is a lie.

If the ground game is so fantastic, then why are the devs in discussion on completely reworking it.

Right now, it is garbage. Sorry, but the devs think you are wrong and the vast majority of the community think you are wrong.

I don't pvp on ground,... ever... so you can assume whatever you want about my spawning. Since I have not done ground since beta, I could care less. Until they add some depth to the ground combat system, I could not care less about it. I won't put point 1 into ground ever in this game, when I can put it into ship combat. Just keep assuming, since you have no facts to present in your post and know nothing about me or how I play.

The ground game is garbage, hence the lack of players doing the ground pvp.

And that is a fact.