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09-05-2010, 12:23 AM
Originally Posted by Teslanar
So I have to agree:
Cryptic, please change this mission to 3x win instead of just taking part of the battle. I mean seriously, more and more players have absolutely zero interest to actual play Capture and Hold, they either idle around the starbases or they just fly around shooting instead of actually teamplaying.
If people actually need to work on the map to get their so much loved Emblems, they might even start thinking about playing this mode - else they'd lose and, oh my god, they won't get their reward and have to try again or avoid this mission.
yer keep telling your self that this is a good solution when you play 10 in a row & lose everyone of them
because your team is noobs & your enemy is either premade or just a group of very good players.
If cryptic were to impliment the system you complainers want.
Cap & hold would be dead because people would be sick of constanly trying to get there emblems.