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09-05-2010, 02:12 AM
No. If it requires wins, you will get a lot less people in PvP. There are people that put up a good fight, but they still lose. Every lost match will give them an additional reason to be frustrated. They might decide that they could as well do another B'Traln Exploration mission instead of PvPing.

What might be an idea:
- Extra reward for the winning side. Maybe PvP wins grant you an extra Emblem (once per day).
- Accolade tracking PvP success with a neat title at the end. There a lot of players - both PvPers and people that prefer PvE - that hunt down Accolades. And the fastest way to score a PvP Winning Accolade is... to work for it and leech. And after, say 500 PvP wins I would say it is not unlikely that the person in question isn't too bad a PvP and might even stick around.
- EdgeCases idea is excellent, too. You can gain no more than n Emblems per day. There are m ways to get it (Deferi Patrol - and possible more Patrol missions in the future - Fleet Actions, Exploration, PvP, and maybe even Sector Defense, Crafting and First Contact Missions)