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09-05-2010, 02:54 AM
Let's see here...
"Exploits"...or if you prefer "Over powered tactics"? I think "Exploit" as in "using very powerful existing game mechanics to your advantage" applies...
Kit Swapping/Buff Stacking - in the game at one time (BO Swapping was also...not sure if it still is)
Riflebutt Spamming (hold til expose, then *poof*) - in the game at one time
Forward roll Flank Sniping/Auto Riflebutt Hold combos - In the game at one time
Spawn camping - in the game at one time
Cryo grenade spamming - in the game at one time
Tribble buff stacking - in the game at one time
Drone Stacking - in the game at one time
Jump/Roll (to get into a "un-accessible" position where no one can melee you or even shoot at you, like on top of the Otha cube, and in many cases, griefing people trying to plant the virus by not allowing it through shooting them) - in the game at one time
Otha instance swapping (Admiral joining Lt. instances, and in many cases, helping/farming/killing the Lt' know...griefing) - in the game at one time
Did I miss anything here?

All part of the game "At one time or another". I seriously cannot tell how many have been fixed, but I know a few have for sure. Have fun justifying ones y'all have used over the months. Keep in mind when you do try to justify yourself using A.B, or C, how many have already been addressed/fixed already and "why" your "valid tactic" was "fixed". Prolly Cryptics way of hurting you personally, or something like that? "Game Balance" nerfing? Nerfing "your class"? Nerfing "Your uber playstyle"? How about the best one..."It was in the game, and therefore a valid tactic/action, I have no idea why Cryptic took it away" (That one is really the best one in my personal opinion). But one thing is for sure in most cases, MOST of them were fixed for "some" reason.

Now, I will certainly admit, after being told how (by someone in a Fleet mentioned in THIS VERY THREAD even!), I have participated in Otha Instance swapping, but 100% of the time it was to kill OTHER Admirals. I never griefed one Lt, never...NEVER. IMO that's about as classless as it gets, and the ONLY "reason" of such an action is to ruin someones fun.
This is one I actually have screenshots of when Admirals have griefed my Lt, or helped other Lt's (via healing them with an Admiral) kill my Lt. Griefing through exploiting is...err...distasteful, right? (Or as one of our posters here who is complaining about the "Exploiters" put so casually..."Harmless antics on Otha" or something along those lines...)

Other than that...hmmm...drawing a blank here....nope, nothing. Managed to actively resist, out of principle no differently than any other "mature" person has also done. I know I am not alone for sure. Just an "Immature" anomaly somehow pulling off a perceived "Mature" act...stranger things have happened I guess *shrug*

Anyone else want to weigh in?
I am sure all the finger pointers along ye ole thread here have perfectly "Clean slates", eh? I mean, I am sure before someone expresses "Outrage" at others for "Exploiting", they themselves have NEVER done it themselves, if for nothing else than to keep their own conscious clean, right? Or....or, don't tell me it can possibly be true...we have people engaging in hypocrisy? I refuse to believe that! That would shatter my "Life view" to pieces, I do not know if I could ever recover. That would be "permanent damage" for sure.
But, before you do weigh in, people have screen shots and be careful! heh!

And no mikiy, I am not complaining, quite the reverse, I think it is funny as hell. Made my day to see how much "immaturity" is filed away into peoples memories (for the record, I was thinking more along the lines of wrist scars being a badge of your angst...but, whatever...). I was always under the impression "Mature" people shrugged off "Immaturity" least, that's what I was always led to believe. I know in my house, if I "filed away" bad things my kids have said to me, done, and when they yelled at the dog, and brought em out for a ****ing contest when it suited me, it would be a very strange house, for sure. But, perhaps I am delusional...
But I do think "Immature" (not to mention insinuations about being "thick skulled") is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me, and it depresses me greatly. I hope some "Hero" will step up and defend defenseless me and slay the meanie "Monsters"

Now, go ahead guys!
Who wants to "Cast the first stone"?
Who wants to be the first "Justifiable/Apologist"?
Step on up!
This should be about as fun as when I am going to punish one kid for acting up, he points to the other and says "But HE did THIS!"
This is getting funner by the day!
I mean, seriously, y'all are priceless!