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09-05-2010, 05:40 AM
Originally Posted by pairadocks View Post
And no mikiy, I am not complaining, quite the reverse, I think it is funny as hell. Made my day to see how much "immaturity" is filed away into peoples memories! I was always under the impression "Mature" people shrugged off "Immaturity"
Theres quite a difference between forgetting what someone said and ignoring it.

I did shrug off your immature "venom spewing hate" (your words) towards me, I didn't comment on it in the past either. I merely pointed out to you that your quite the hypocrite when you complain about such thing to others while you seem to be quite big on inappropriate personal attacks yourself.

I don't need to cast any stone towards you, you do that yourself all the time - its all on the board to read and since you do that towards other people as well (this threat is just giving a fine example) its not hard to find either.