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09-05-2010, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
First of all, people who pvp in space are pvp'ers too. Sorry to break it to you. And if you don't think I do pvp very much, perhaps you should ask around... start with Ninjaboy... he knows I pvp once or twice

I spend 80% of my game time doing pvp, so just stow that elitism away.


1) Seeing your opponents on radar is dumb. It removes tactical movement opportunities and ambushes. It would be more fun to NOT know where everybody is.

Also ever MMO I know of, you can see your enemy on the map. So I guess all these MMOs are wrong and you are right.

2) To be proficient at ground, you cannot spec into space fully. If I wanted ground pvp, I would turn on Guild Wars and play some real ground pvp. There are games with much better ground battles than this. I did not get this game to go pew pew on the ground.

Sorry but I asked about whats wrong with ground combat, not for you to tell me about your opinion about how another game is better.

3) For all the time the devs have spent on space, they have barely touched ground. Imbalances that have existed since day one have ( with a few exceptions ) been here since beta. Instead of revamping space with every patch, they need to deal with ground

If by imbalance you mean 1 v1 , yea you are right. But in group pvp, all classes are important and thats why CHC can and does win with pretty much any group make up. So I guess we are living proof that this point of yours is wrong.

4) Weapon ranges: It seems to me that a sniper rifle should shoot farther than a pistol. Maybe I am stupid for believing this.... The weapons are not fully realized. There should be a clear reason to use a pistol vs a rifle. This would include pistols being good up close, bad at range,..and rifles being good at range but bad up close. Right now, it really doesn't matter too much.

If you dont see a difference than you are a ground noob tbh. And since you say you have not played it since beta, I guess my assumption about you being a ground noob is more of a fact than a flame.

I am sure I could keep going. There are better ground games out there. If you think people got STO because they were hot to trot for ground are in the vast minority. It needs work. As it is right now,.. it feels like a tacked on after-thought.

If you dont want to do ground, dont. But everything you said here has less to do with actual problems for ground pvp and more to do with your personal preferences for ground PvP combat.

Please read the red.