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09-05-2010, 10:11 PM
I wouldn't say it needs consequences, but the current system encourages and rewards people for 60-second matches where one side tries to lose as quickly as possible. That is beyond lame.

It will be unpopular with the care-bear crowd who feel entitled to rewards for nothing, but I would say:

1) Only matches against server-assigned opponents count for the dailies. No reward for taking a dive against your buddies.

2) Minimum match duration comparable to what it takes to get 3 Emblems from other daily missions. This should factor in average waiting time, but 6 Emblems for 5 minutes of mutally agreed exploiting has got to go.

3) Bonus reward of some kind for the winning side. This might be an extra Emblem, or something else like Merits/Honor, a random drop, etc