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09-05-2010, 10:18 PM
At the risk of being accused of resurrecting a dead thread (this one is too good an idea to let go)...

First...*signed*. I LOVE this idea! I'm so tired of that gang of hyper level ships corpse camping (well, at least sitting over the spawn in point) in DSEs. Having a the ability to call for help would balance that back out nicely.

Second, new accolades:

"Risk is part of the business" - Respond to xx distress calls
"Some days the bear gets you" - Issue xx distress calls
Sir, we're the only ship in range - xx distress calls ignored
"Fortune favors the bold" - Complete distress call response matching to a higher level that yours.
"Temper, temper mon capitan" - Complete distress call response matching to a lower level than yours

Thoughts? (Again, sorry for proverbially grave digging this thread, but considering the lack of Cryptic notice and it's merit I felt it deserved a second chance.)