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09-06-2010, 02:08 AM
All the best pvp games have no consequences and no meta-game.

I think if they want to add 'meaning' to pvp they should focus on TF2-style achievements, that both teach good gameplay and give mini-objectives to players. They can vary from simple to ludicrously difficult.

Interstellar Turkey Shoot - hit 5 enemy players with a single Warp Plasma Ejection.
Fleet Combat - Defeat an enemy with an NPC.
A Nose for Acquisition - Loot an item in a PVP match.
Time to Die - Set 3 enemy escorts on fire simultaneously.
A Good Day to Die - Destroy an enemy ship with Ramming Speed.
A Thirst for Vengeance - Destroy an enemy ship with an exploding warp core.
Check That VISOR - Cause an enemy player to heal you.
Fly her apart, then! - Heal a friendlly player who is below 25% immediately after dropping out of Full Impulse.
Patient Hunter - Never fire a weapon with your weapon power below 50%.
Tactical Expert - Deal over 5000 damage to an enemy ship that has Reverse Shield Polarity active.
Not So Fast - Score an enhanced critical hit by reducing enemy defence below 0%.
Tag Team - Have an ally defeat a ship that you've disabled the shields of.
Rage - Attack a ship that just used 3 heals on your former target.
Dead In Space - Drain all of enemy ships power levels below 25.