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09-06-2010, 05:07 AM
Never in a match, ie, dont mash your fire button right out of full impulse

I got more though.. ^_^

Storm Conditions - In a single match, destroy 10 heavy torpedoes immediately after they are launched.
Interception - Be struck by a heavy torpedo targeted at another player
Stellar Demolitionist - Injure 3 player targets with a single heavy torpedo.
Parry - Have your heavy torpedo impact an enemy heavy torpedo.
Denial - Strip 10 buffs off a single target.
Hail Mary - Ram an enemy player during the last second of Ramming Speed.
I'd Rather Be Lucky - Have a single attack deal more than 50,000 damge.
Critically ****ed - Survive a critical hit that does more base damage than you have hull total.
The Indispensable Man - Get 15 kill credits in an arena match.
Reset Switch - Activate Reverse Shield Polarity with your total shield strength below 10%.
Impeccable Targeting - Disable an Intrepid Refits Ablative Armor.
I'm a doctor, not a soldier - Score twice as much ally healing as damage.
Never Say Die - Survive over a minute while being fired on by four or more players.