Thread: BOs in Store?
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09-06-2010, 05:19 AM
This all is just a small part of a much bigger problem as far as the exchange.................GREED.

I would never post anything for an uber rediculous amount on the exchange. Even though I want the quick EC (everyone does) it's just plain unrealistic to expect someone to pay an ungoddly amount for something you could really use.

Even the heavy purp weapons in game are stupidly priced with even dumber individuals feeding this madness by paying for it.

It puts much into perspective. I would rather sell an item/BO for a reasonable price than to gouge the community because I think i need that much EC's.

I am forced to say if such a thing did hit the store I would have to purchase as well due to time being a factor and availability of the type I wanted.

It's silly little things of this nature that make the game a hassle, especially for low end chars grinding their way up. Granted at VA I have no problem getting EC's. Even with an abundance of such paying such a high amount is lunacy. I understand the time involved to earn such things...however fairness would be a pleasant change of pace. As it stands, I stopped going to the exchange all together.