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09-06-2010, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by Lintyuk
Lots of very good suggestions here, if the underlying reason for the thread (whether intended by the OP or not) is to weed out emblem leeching, which does spoil the matches, then I would suggest something along these lines:

Fight in 3 Arenas: Impose a small damage benchmark for emblem eligibility for Tacs, and hull/shield heals and/or assists for Engies & Sci's.

Cap n' Hold: Same as above but with possible addition of influence points to obtain emblem eligibility.

Kerrat: Obtain emblem eligibility by lasting a preordaned length of time without cussing in zone chat.

I think this would go a way to guarantee a finite amount of interaction for "Human NPC's".
I think it would be better like this:

Calculate average damage+healing for a arena match

Anyone below 20% of the average gets nothing
20-40% 1 Emblem
40-60% 2 Emblems
60-100% 3 Emblems

50% bonus (rounded up) for winning.

If they can track influence for C&H, same deal