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09-07-2010, 01:20 AM
Originally Posted by Sivar View Post
Get the picture? Sony has made a lot of changes and improvements to SWG over the past few years, but does anybody care? No they don't, and If Cryptic wants to fix their image, they need to pay more attention to how their actions will reflect back on them by the players.
I think that's one of the lesson Jack Emmert spoke in one of the first Neverwinter interviews.

Start without a feature, adding it later will go unnoticed by most.
Start with a mediocre or badly implemented feature, improving it later will go unnoticed by most.
It seems from a certain business perspective, starting without features with mediocre quality can still yield good returns. But it might not be sustainable in the long run, since once you are known for lacking feature and mediocre quality, no one wants your product.

Neverwinter as well as Season 3 might need to prove that Cryptic can also deliver quality, otherwise they don't need to really bother churning out new games at a faster pace then most companies, since it won't sell anymore. Of course, it could also be too late for that, though I don't think that. Not if they can deliver at least.