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09-07-2010, 07:29 AM
Originally Posted by Vulcan.Skon View Post
I salute the OP on this guide. It really helps a tremendous amount.
Sadly, if you think about it, we really shouldn't have to do all this stuff just to survive in PvP combat.
I've played both sides for quite some time now, and its pretty ridiculous how overpowered Klingons are in the arena. Its next to impossible for Starfleet to win a match unless there are more Fed ships than Klingon. It can't be evenly matched or there's little to no chance of Starfleet winning. Feds have to do all this work, specialize their abilities specifically for the purpose of staying alive in PvP, whereas, playing as my Klingon captain, I can just go in with whatever skills I like, and often not break a sweat. As much as I get the cheap thrill of beating up on Fed ships with little trouble, I'm too much of an honorable Klingon to want it to stay this way. Hopefully Cryptic will balance things out soon.

There's my $ 0.02
Actually, if that's the conclusion you've drawn from your extensive game play on both sides then it isn't worth the two cents you are offering and it does a disservice to anyone looking to join PvP. The guide, while great in it's day and still having some very good tactics and information, hasn't been updated since May. As you can imagine there have been tremendous changes since then.

Some people seem to have it easy but that's because they've been working hard at it for a long time and know what they are doing. That holds truer and truer for both sides. All I'm saying is, just because someone has logged a lot of time online here doesn't make them awesome. It's the quality of learning you take away from it that makes the difference. If you go into a fight with this defeatist attitude that the opponents are overpowered it serves as a good excuse for losing but doesn't help make anyone better.

Now I say all of that but admit that it certainly has seemed that way on occasion. We have to consider any number of variables that could give two people such different opinions on the same subject. Maybe we fly at different times of the day and there is a skill gap based on time of day (who is off from work or school). Maybe you are running in with those hordes of people who don't care about PvP and are just there for the emblems - that is frustrating for BOTH sides. There is a much larger base of Fed players with many more distraction, than Kilnks who primarily PvP, so it stands to reason that there would be a higher amount of sub par players on the Fed side.

My points are, Klinks aren't overpowered. Feds don't need to have the advantage of numbers on their side as the only way to win. Balance is mostly fine as it is. It's not the ships or gameplay it's the people playing the game. Just showing up isn't going to make you a better PvPer on either side. So anyone who happens across this post, please don't be discouraged. PvP is a lot of fun with some minor BS mixed in (when the queues work properly). Hang in there, work hard, and soon people will think YOU are overpowered! ^^