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09-07-2010, 11:51 AM
i wasnt saying that ugc is a waste on the kdf side and it is ow so most definatly coming, the thing that worrys me is that whilst the feds have ambles of unique planets and zones including poi's and space stations and a reci planet to tie there missions into not including the fact they have a dipo bridge on there ships to utilise too the kdf have maybe 2-3 planets to utilize, maybe 2 sectors at best and 1 space station and 1 neutral station, where are we going to create our own content for it.

if they unlock every fed zone to us bar regulas and sirius or even give us 2 more pve only zones with little episode content within them just for the kdf with cardy and ramy space for us to utilize ugc into and for somewhere for leveling kdf players to go into and play and level up that would be very impressive and add huge scope as a building block to the kdf side.

there are already presidents of kdf zones that could be added within the feds own episodes where they load into a kdf zone for stop the kdf q's, like the one where low end feds do the listening posts and the other where they help a kdf battlefleet to take down an undine battleship.