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09-07-2010, 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
This ship is a perfect example.

It could have been such an amazing piece of the puzzle. And had the potential to move KDF evolution forward.

The story around it ... it's a reverse engineered ship from an ancient enemy.

That's got so much potential.

The reality of it ...

It's a carrier no one asked for, has limited in-game functionality, and the "ancient enemy" accounts for two story missions. And that's it! You can't encounter these "ancient enemies" anywhere else. The way the thing was implemented, I see no reason to bother reverse engineering a ship in the first place.

The banner "Ancient Enemies" looked cool (to me), but didn't really represent the patch very well since they were such an insignificant portion of what was released. I blinked and I was done with the missions.

The carrier had a lot of potential both with the story and with the game. But it fell very short of its potential. And so when people say it's a ship no one asked for, I'm now of a mind to agree with that. It could have been amazing, even as a carrier, if some things were developed differently. But the way it all turned out, it really is just a fish out of water.

@Varrangian: That's some great advice. Advice I have trouble listening to. But it works. It really does. Takes some willpower, but when you do what you suggest, you find it much easier to participate in discussions, not get infraction points and generally be more even keeled and open minded.
Yes, the banner looked nice...but that's about Everything has fallen short with little to no follow-through on the end of the devs...