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09-07-2010, 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Narenda III? Khitomer? That area.

One advantage is that area also includes the Archer system. Why is that interesting you ask? Because the "real name" of that system is also the name of the Kzinti homeworld.

A Kzinti/Caitian dispute would do a lot to elevate these races from the "lorelol" status some fans attribute to them and bring them more into the gameworld.

Plus... You could work in M'Ress. It would be nice to see a former Enterprise Bridge Crew member and I can't imagine anything that would keep you from pulling her in for a Caitian/Kzinti arc.

That's also where Empress Sela was conceived so you might see some shady Romulan activity stirring everything up.
We have learned from CBS that we will not be able to feature the Kzinti as a playable faction as their backstory and specifics are tied to Niven's literary works and our current license does not cover that. (We were able to use the Caitians as they appeared outside of the animated series)

Instead we are investigating what other feline-like species might be allied with the KDF.