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09-07-2010, 05:25 PM
Hey, an exploit is an either do it or not.
A griefer is a either do it or not.
There really is NO gray area here.
Generally it goes without really saying, if you call out someone for something "bad", it is because you do not do it yourself, and it is something that you would like to see fixed, or have the GM's met out punishment for.
That just does not seem to be the case in this thread, eh?
Nice of you to inform us all that the fact is if anyone who posts under you has to be a troll...good to have an omnipotent being keep us all in line and inform us of such things. Your opinion, after all, is the only "factual" one in the world. God knows, I am sure there is a line of people who would rather see the thread die rather than being outted themselves.
I would love nothing more than to see the thread die, and all the lame accusation throwing (instigated by people with shady pasts themselves) die with it. Seriously.
Bottom line, if you exploit, then call other people out for it, and at the same time you are trying to maintain your "innocence", it is just retarded (among other words...). You got half a point I agree with, in that those that do this exploit stuff probably would be better served staying quiet (Except you of course Treemonkey60).
Keep hunting those Lt's with your Admirals bro.