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This Problem Is A Nuisance. 3 Days I Have Been Stuck In The Sol System. One Week For My Fleetmate Jonah. Other People Have Been Waiting To Have This Resolved As Well. I Am Going To Continue Being Patient. But I Will Wait To Speak To Someone Live. I Am Requesting Jonah Be Compensated For The Week He Has Not Been Able To Play And I Be Compensated For The 3 Days Now Going On 4 I Have Not Been Able To Play. Either That Or An Accolade Like "delta Quadrant Explorer" Should Be Given To All Of Us Who Endured This With Understanding. It Is Only Fair. Please Fix This. A Players Patience Is Like A Steel Bar. It Can Be Tough.... But With Enough Pressure Applied Over The Right Amount Of Time It Will Eventually Bend. And After Bending So Much You Will Eventually Be Left With A Broken Player.

-captain Glitch-