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09-07-2010, 11:23 PM
1 there IS A LOT wrong with STO that is not cannon - these guys at criptic must not be trekkie for many reasons, because even the sinple things are not right - no trekkie would sit still at the errors in STO !
2 your characters cannot even sit down and stay sit down until summoned to do something else, ( just fruit)
3 the technology as shown, does not work (detracts from realisticness in a serious way)
4 It is particularly frustrating that starships (all ships) can not opperate in 3D, 2D flight with 3D models is forced on us GOSH, it is sooo ****
5 and targeting: it has a poorly imagined head up targeting display and seriously limits distance you fire from to 10 km.
6 and BALANCE: ever get blew up with one shot? how about way outclassed on a mission supposadly your level?
7 all bridges and ship layout regardless of starship, are the same. how is it ships look inside, made different than outside?
8 there are still some serious bugs that should have been fixed long ago.
9 If it is star trek, it has at least one easter egg - all Star Trek games had one or more easter eggs - where are they?
10 Many consols either work differently (less effective or not at all) or only work on, certain starships - something I just discovered by accident seeing the numbers change during my making of a refit.

and hey thx for the tip bro --- you doing good here - embarrass them good - a little too late sort of but better that shutitng up as Cryptic would like - maybe there is so many complants now, they cannot delete near everyone complaining.
The problem is (I think along with others that something was wrong from the gitgo - I was pre-beta,,,,, and well you had to play back then and now.- or you could maybe get fooled, too.) And Cryptic gets real upset if you mention STO and a modded city of heroes in the same sentance.
have good one