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I have both Klingon and Gorn BOs for my Fed character. They both get a physical damage bonus that I like to take advantage of by equipping them with bat'leths on certain missions. The problem I have is that sometimes they will not attack my target, no matter how many times I order them to. They simply sit there and do nothing. They only have this problem when I equip them with bat'leths. If I swap out to beam weapons, they attack like normal.

Also are there any other melee weapons besides bat'leths? The Klingons also had d'k taghs, mek'leths, and tajtiqs. I haven't seen any of these in game. Any plans to add them? Also what about the Jem'Hadar kar'takins? I've been waiting for one those to drop since the first time I fought Jem'Hadar.