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09-08-2010, 02:42 AM
I had the opposite happen on Advanced;
I was playing an alt I think the mission was "Silencing the Signal." The first Klingon ships, I dispatched with no problem. I died once on the ground, but that was it (with Swordmasters, Targs and Handlers, etc.). However, when I returned to orbit to engage the Undine Dreadnaught alongside the Klingons, its shields would barely flicker. Not to mention the hordes of frigates that kept spawning. I died three times and eventually, the Klingons were wiped out and did not return, leaving me with all of these ships by myself. With tail tucked, I withdrew and dropped the mission.

As for the OPs issue, perhaps you are attacking first with an AOE weapon, such as a wide beam? This might cause every enemy you hit damaged to aggro on you. I would suggest to pause the instance for a few seconds and move your BOffs into flanking positions if possible and let them fire first. Might also equip an expose weapon for yourself and the exploit (AOE) weapons to your BOffs. It kind of hurts for me to say that because I am a fan of a good automatic weapon room sweep.