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09-08-2010, 05:10 AM
Originally Posted by H.Ramone
hm, most games are quiet or there are just a few "gg"s at the end of the match and even if somebody starts to trashtalk and you can't bear it, use ignore.

also it is hard to call targets within your group when the enemies don't have names. it would be a mess!

"[team] player a: attack the asault cruiser!"
"[team] player b: which one? i can see 5"
"[team] player a: the one just next to me. no. now next to you .. aeh, next to player c"
"[team] player c: sorry pal, just exploded. who was next to me?"

nah, c'mmon.

also it's helpfull to see who your opponent is at the beginnig. if you pvp alot, you'll see some guys over and over again . sometimes i can tell my team a weak/or strong enemy player, or i know that he's a healer or an escort. it helps.

also my friendlist is full of pvp-guys and normally i can find at least one to team up with. i guess with most of them i started to talk after a match (or they started to talk with me ..). hiding the names would be really sad because i would have no chance to start a talk with somebody of the enemy team.

but if your fleet mates ALWAYS get insults, then
a) it might be useful to read the "basic tips from a survivor" ..
or it's just the other way around, they are too good ..
b) post the best stories in "amusing pvp chat of the week"
A valid point, then I would suggest a different naming to enemy players to keep them unique. "Bird of Prey 1" and just count up.

On the other hand, ignoring the offensive player would work fine too though.