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Hello All,

I'm a bit confused about what gives the best boost to photonic shockwave 3.

I'll list what the skill states and other stats that look like they can effect it has well.

I just want to make sure that I'm getting the best boost for the skill that I can.

I gained access to Photonic Shockwave 3 early because someone was nice enough to train the skill to my BO when I was only a commander and now that I'm a Captain I can use it.

Photonic Shockwave 3:
Attributes that affect this skill
Starship Operations Training [7] in this skill
Starship Emitters [7] in this skill
Starship Deflector Dish [9] in this skill

Photonic Theory [No Points in the skill yet, I'm still only Captain 2] [Should I max this?]
This skill Improves Starship Photonic Abilities
Examples Include
Photonic Shockwave
Photonic Fleet

So far this is the best Deflector that I could find

Positron Deflectro Array Mk X [DefD] [ST]
+28 Starship Emitters
+10 Starship Deflector Dish
+22 Starship Tractor Beam [I do use the skill but would love a +10 Hazard Emitter instead]
+10 Photonic Theory

I'll be using the Voyager Refit and I'm building for the VA level.

I have 4 each of the following:
Collimator XI +18 Defelector Dish [Very pricey now for some reason, Lucky I got mine cheap]
Holomatrix Diode Mk XI +18 Photonic Theory [I think these should be the best for me since I use PF ]

The whole reason for this post is because up in till last Weeks patch Photonic Theory stated nothing about boosting Photonic Shockwave; however, now it's clearly listed on the skill and I want to make sure that it's correct.

Thanks for your time