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09-08-2010, 09:40 AM
I personally would also like the ability to place your BOFFs in different seats on the bridge, and different areas to interact in. So you might have your healing BOFFs in sickbay, your engineering in Main Engineering/walking around doing work, a Tactical Officer in the Armory, etc.

Also, I would like to see an "outline" for that particular deck to the ship. So if deck eight is only 100 meters wide, you can't make it 300 meters, to make it more canon. Also, there could be "outline" pieces, that are specifically made to fit the outer sides of the ship. These ones will have windows, so you can see the outside (preferably on what area you are in, like you see Earth/Spacedock if you're in the Sol system.) Also, you can not just "rotate" the parts but "flip" them as well, so maybe if you have a spot that can't be fit by rotating it, you can flip it so it can.

I also would like to be able to interact with different things like.

Bridge: You can "look up" the files on what has happened since Nemesis, Characters, and maybe other players.

Ready Room: Where you can go and customize it with different items that you have bought like desks, fish tanks (something everybody wants), trophies, and other things.

Armory: A mobile "Memory Alpha" for making Tactical Upgrades to your weapons.

Research Lab: Same as Armory, except for science

Engineering Lab: Engineering MA.

Main Engineering: Warp Core Ejection (and other things)

Shuttlebay: Where you can go and (maybe) launch one of your shuttles (the Dandube Runabout, and the Captain Yacht.)

And many more.

The possibilities with this are endless, I really do like your idea, and with everything that you can do, it would make every ship unique and a fun place to go and relax.