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# 8 FPS ground combat
09-08-2010, 01:52 PM
Ground combat has been discussed before.

The option I like the most is changing to a First person shooter using a older Quake or Uthral eng. since both are C++ based codeing. Adding it should be a long process of recodeing by Mr. MIT Master Programer (Give him a gold chain and a mohawk.)

Really Ground combat should look like Star trek Elite Force 1 and 2.

Ground combat has gotten better in beta your BO would beam into the ground or enemy's would be stuck in buildings.

Doing somthing other than scanning rocks would be the quick fix.

Adding life forms to the planet instead of waves of Klinks, Rom boy, cards. So monsters are also being talked up. (My fav Hairy blue Apes that shoot disrupter beams from there mouth.

Boarding actions were your ship is boarded, or random events happening on ships. These would be called Intruder Alerts I think these are being worked on.

Here is a photo of how it should look. Taken from wiki.

So your flying to Vulcan and a entity is sighted in sickbay phasers to stun.