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The Warzone Kerrat Sector... Everyone that has played it knows my arguement. Borg ships having clipping issues and melding with the structures. They can shoot us, and we can barely even select them as a target, let alone shoot back. I was even fighting s sphere that started clear of a node. The dogfight drifted towards a node, and it was like it got sucked in, or it ran into the node for protection. There it was; halfway in the node and able to fire on me like it was cool, and I lot my ablility to open fire on it. I'm sure this has been brought up in another thread, I just wanted to put the issue back up to the top.

Oh and I saw the thread about spawn killing. Nobody likes it, not now, not ever. Can we get that fixed someway too? I saw a crafty trick where it was just Cracked Planetoid and I was on Kliingon side where someone on our team led us all over to just behind the federation spawn cloaked, and they all haven't spawned into the game yet. So naturally that was an easy three kills or so, and we won the game because they were scattered after that, but I'lll be the first to admit that it was a little distastefull.