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09-08-2010, 10:57 PM
Did it become okay for a pay to play mmo, to charge extra money for game functionality?

When a free to play game charges money for you to have extra character slots or inventory space, thats because you obviously like it enough to pay the extra for some more playability. This helps them cover server costs and such, without relying too heavily on outside advertising.

When a pay to play game charges for vanity items, it's to give you the ability to say look, I can be pretty! And yet it doesn't change the game play. This is almost pure profit, as server costs and such are covered by the monthly fee's.

This game is trying to get the best of both worlds, and it bothers me that it may set a precedent for pay to play games to give limited playability just because you aren't paying enough.

Sure, I'll pay for an expansion, one time, to pay for development costs, I'll pay a monthly fee to get access to the game I payed for, to cover server costs and staff wages. But also paying to get access to the fundamentals of the game on top of that doesn't make sense to me.

Please, explain in a way that an idiot can comprehend, as I seem to be one, Because I really enjoy the game play aspects of this game, even if I do not agree with the management, and I would continue to play if there was even one good reason why this should be allowed.